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Feedback from fisherman around the world who have used Supertackle products.

Supertackle EZ Rig Squids

Posted August 18 2014 by Michael Wills of Ward Cove, Alaska.
"Matt, We caught over 30 halibut today... mainly chickens, but I wanted to let you know that the squid lures are very fishy!!! Thanks, Mike"

Halibut caught on EZ Rig Supertackle

  The Pacific Northwest Alaskan halibut shown in the picture is a typical juvenile nicknamed chicken. These are one of the prized white meat fish on the planet. The chicken sized halibut do not have the quality problems that the larger mature halibut have. Ediblity issues of old and large halibut are: higher mercury levels than juveniles, parasite worms and poor meat textures.

  Halibut are a migratory fish with a egg production rate from 2,000 juvenille mature to 4,000,000 from a barn door 400 pound female. For conservation measures, the breed stock of barn door halibut are released to reproduce.

  These fish are bottom dwellers and scavengers of any potential protein. The rig shown in the picture does a few things. The weight is used as a hammer to attract and stir up the sandy bottom where shrimp, needlefish and sandlance hide or spawn. The Squid in the ocean are also scavengers and will naturally latch onto there prey and chew on them. The squid are also a favorite food of the halibut. Most fishermen attach 1 piece of bait to the rig as a target of smell. The halibut prefer fresh meat and salmon scraps and bellies are normally used.

  The hooks used for halibut can be circle hooks, octopus hooks or tuna hooks. With catch and release of the large halibut is suggested and regulated, a circle hook provides for and easier release with little to no gill damage. Hook types are not regulated but Supertackle suggests circle or tuna turkey hooks.

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