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Report from Berry's Bait and Tackle
  Fishing for salmon & halibut off the coast of Port Hardy (Vancouver Island) using a Supertackle 6.5 Get Reel #1159 Special thanks to Mike Kelly: Quote "A great days fishing June 27 in Port Hardy with Mike Kelly (left) owner of Tides and Tails Charters . Most of the fish were caught on Supertackle Oil Slick (#1159)."
salmon and halibut

  Supertackle Get Reel hoochies for big salmon and halibut in the Pacific Northwest. Choice squids and herring color patterns for both sport fishermen and commercial trollers. We are getting great feedback from commercial fishermen out of the panhandle and Sitka Alaska State areas. Usually rigged with a Salmon Siwash hook attached to a swivel plus row of beads to shim the hook back. Some fishermen have increased the action by decreasing the lure weight by substituting beads or gum pucky with a piece of plastic straw.

  We developed most of the get reel patterns using images of squid found on the internet and replicating their colors. Unlike any other bait we found that replication of a creature that is cameleon is very challenging. Squid can change color depending on their surroundings or maybe what they are doing at any given time. The answer to the most effective pattern is left to the fisherman to figure out. We provide many life like simulations of squid which led to our naming of the lure as GET REEL.

  Leader length, trolling speed, flasher type and trolling depth vary with the target species. Supertackle Get Reels are chemically enhanced with ultra violet technology. Some lures change color and opacity in the water (as designed). These are the best squid skirts with laser, glitter and multi pattern enhancements. Many of our lure color patterns simulate the life like cameleon effects of squid. To be effective we would suggest using with a O'Ki Big Shooter flasher. Tube type - soft plastic hoochie skirt fishing bait. Tackle crafting made easy. Our prices are the best on the planet. Supertackle is designed in British Columbia and made in China.

            Salmon caught on Supertackle Get Reel at Sooke, British Columbia

Salmon caught on Supertackle Get Reel at Sooke, British Columbia.


Ultra Violet intensity rated between a low of + and a high of +++++

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