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Tube type - soft plastic hoochie fishing lures.
Tackle crafting made easy.
Enhanced with ultra violet technology and glow in the dark chemicals.
The best method to charge these is with a UV light for inspecting air conditioner leaks purchased at your local auto parts dealer.
UV charging will last 2 times longer than with a conventional light charge.
These multi patterned color lures attract predator fish to the lure.
LED lights by Pirate's Den or Lighthouse will work in these lures.
Tested and used by many commercial fishermen in Ketchikan, Sitka, Petersburg and Juneau, Alaska,
Great success has been recorded in Winter Harbour on Vancouver Island.
These lures are rigged with a swiveled Salmon Siwash hook and trolled behind a 11" flasher.
Many sport fishermen tie their own unisnell tandem hook rigs using Octopus beak hooks.
These are also useful for fishermen who build their own spreader bars or halibut jigs.

Ultra Violet intensity rated between a low of + and a high of +++++

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